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  • To be the most trustworthy retail brand
    What is CR Vanguard?
    Looking back to the six-decade history, China Resources began to develop the retail industry since it invested in Chinese Merchandise in 1958 and created Chinese Arts & Crafts in Hong Kong in 1959. CR Supermarket emerged in Hong Kong in 1984, and it started using the new logo CR Vanguard in 2003 and restructured the retail business of China Resources in 2009. From a single type of business to increasingly abundant multi-type operations, CR Vanguard has already grown to be a retail group managing diversified retail businesses from a single chain supermarket.
    After a dozen years of trials and hardships, CR Vanguard has obtained a richer and more mature brand connotation.
    For consumers, CR Vanguard is a new lifestyle, which is dedicated to improving the life quality of consumers, creating all-round rich experience based on the sustainable optimization and innovative development, providing high-quality, value-added and safe commodities and services, and bringing about warmth, abundance, health and better lifestyles to consumers.
    For employees, CR Vanguard is a large group and family, which attempts to become a retail enterprise that can maximize the value of employees, featuring the unity and respect, easiness and vigor of a large family, as well as the strictness of an organization and combating force of a group.
    For partners, CR Vanguard is an organizer of resources, which would promote the effective organization of overall resources and establish a “win-win” strategic partnership through the construction of an excellent terminal platform.
    For shareholders, CR Vanguard is a brave pioneer of the retail market and a practitioner of retail strategies, realizing the retail dream of China Resources through the stable returns gained by the quality growth.
    For the society, CR Vanguard must be a brand and trust, since it sticks to undertake the social and environmental responsibilities, and become an excellent social enterprise citizen. 
    Currently, CR Vanguard has already had a dozen brands, and many of its brands, including CR Vanguard, Suguo, Ole', etc. have already been through the market test for years in their own segmented fields, and become familiar and favorite brands among consumers. Besides, innovative brands like Voi_la! and fun2 become members in the large family of CR Vanguard retail, bringing supervises and more experience to the market.
    Looking into the future of CR Vanguard, it will adhere to its good vision of being an excellent retail enterprise and one of the most trustworthy retail brands.