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As a business closely related to daily life, CR Vanguard is committed to the mission of " Leading consumption progress and creating better living together".

With the development opportunities in the new era, CRV adhere to the strategic guidance, relying on business innovation and technological advancement, transforming digital operation and digital management to establish new competitive advantages, emphasize on employee development and employee welfare, enhance interaction with consumers and lead the upgrading of their consumption philosophy, steadily promote the low-carbon transformation and advocate green distribution and consumption, and pay attention to the public welfare. The group is also concerned about public welfare and is committed to rural revitalisation, creating shared value for the society. 

CRV is fully committed to the prevention and control of epidemic, the preservation of supply and price stability, solidly safeguarding the livelihood of the general public, contributing to the economic recovery, and truly practicing to become a multi-format retailer favoured by consumers.

Founded 40 years, CRV is now in its golden age. We have witnessed and participated in the growing, development and changes of China's retail sector. In the future, Vanguard will continue to forge on with determination and innovation to amplify the social value of the enterprise and create more value for a better life!

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